Fast Fit Keto is so this is actually working really well because I’m splitting the meat in three I’m splitting this in three and so yes I mean what was that one five six one five six plus 14i I mean the sauce the meatballs you’re looking right less than 210 color is and then the pastor so this meal tonight it’s gonna be waiting to 500 I think wait dude yeah it’s gonna be about 480 or something with the pasta and yes I’m gonna bang this in now and then I’m going to fill the jar with water judge it in and just leave it to simmer good morning so I’ve weighed in and I’m on the stairs again I just this is just a good spot for me to record because like in the office II study room thing there’s like washing dry in and my desk semester and upstairs the bed in and off because it needs washing so sitting here yeah there’s like no distraction no mess it looks like I’ve kind of got my life together slightly cuz make the house look tidy and the house is tidy I shouldn’t say that because it is like wills like OCD um with tidying so he’ll tidy when there’s nothing to tidy it’s ridiculous