Fast Fit Keto you know how much weight did you lose you were just talking about that how can you explain can you weight so if you so in order to reduce your caloric intake what we need to do is what we talked about it a habit every night you know you sit down in front of the TV and you have a snack well instead either don’t watch TV at night create a new habit and that’s another thing we don’t just stop habits we have to replace them we don’t just give up habits we have to replace them with something that’s healthier so if got a higher calorie beverage going as well and all of that added together can stimulate the appetite what true hunger feels like and so you need to tap into that what does true hunger feel like I realized I I did eat breakfast while I was losing my weight when I first joined chef AJ’s program the ultimate weight loss program I was still eating breakfast then I was eating my vegetables and I usually wouldn’t have any starch after because after I ate a pound of vegetables in the morning that would fill me up but vegetables it’s so nutrient dense I add some starch to it because I don’t need to sequence anymore you know once you’ve lost your weight and you’re doing well you don’t have to sequence but so I’ll have all my starch in there with my salad and that’s my first meal of the day and then I’m full and I can usually make it until 6:00 6:30 without having to eat again because my lunch is so filling and that’s another thing when you’re eating nutrient dense food your cravings go way way down and I love chef AJ always says if you’re not hungry enough for vegetables you’re really not hungry so if if you’re you think you’re hungry try eating vegetables first and if you go oh I’d really do you know I don’t want any broccoli or kale or carrots or whatever you’re probably really not hungry it’s probably a craving that you’re having not true hunger and so remember that too and a lot of times just a cup of hot tea will take away that feeling in my tummy that you know is very satisfying and comforting so let’s see I’m going to see what else okay so somebody asked about the non starch days for a plateau so my friend shade who lost I think a hundred and twenty pounds on the ultimate weight-loss program she does a fruit and vegetable day like every Wednesday and she’s been doing that for like seven or eight years and it just kind of is a reset for her palate it also has taught 


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