Ginger root used as a digestive aid may help Organifi Gold Tea  alleviate the problems of gas, indigestion, flatulence and other stomach problems plus Fennel seed contains essential oils that may help with flatulence in adults. Peppermint leaves have been used throughout the world as a folk medicine to calm upset stomach, stop diarrhea and constipation and alleviate heartburn. Catnip a member of the mint family has been used as a mild tonic to calm the stomach. Saw Palmetto may stimulate and improve digestion. Herbs are good tools that God has given us but it’s always better to try and solve the root of the problem. Stop taxing your body and eat natural wholesome foods.

Stress is one of the greatest deterrents to health and well-being. Virtually all of us experience stress in our life from time to time, and our bodies are designed to respond accordingly. For example, if we encounter physical danger, the ‘fight or flight’ stress responses within our body are designed to help us protect ourselves from that danger. So long as experiences of this nature are infrequent, our body is generally able to restore its normal equilibrium without any significant long-term effect on our health.