knowing how to heal cracked lips Flexuline can be a simple as making a couple of easy changes. Some people have a tendency to constantly put objects such as pens, fingernails or thumbs in the mouth and this can lead to constant exposure to moisture which in turn can cause cracking. For others, weight gain or dramatic weight loss can be the issue, as these can both cause folds to form in the edges of the mouth.

How To Heal Cracked Lips Naturally

If dentures as the issue. have the “fit” corrected Flexuline by a dentist. Before using the dentures again, soak them in a mild disinfecting solution or antiseptic mouthwash. For pain relief, coat the affected area with petroleum jelly or unscented lip salve. This will also prevent further deterioration. For pen biters, finger and thumb suckers, coat the offending objects with anti-nail biting liquid for discouragement.

If you have had cracked lip Flexuline corners or scabs for more than a couple of days, it is likely that the condition has taken hold and then it becomes very difficult to eradicate. Fortunately it is still possible to completely cure this condition within just 24 hours by using a very robust natural remedy which is guaranteed to work.