Although I am not old and don’t have HydraLyft Review  a ton of wrinkles quite yet, I did find out that using a face moisturizer is important for every person, regardless of age. We walk through life collecting a bit of every place we go on our skin. From natural elements like wind and dirt to crazy bacteria and chemicals from makeup and in the air, our faces are literally a magnet for everything.

Our parents taught us to wash our faces every night before bed. We grew up doing this in an effort to wash away all of the nastiness that accumulated on our faces during the day. What we didn’t know back then was that we were also washing away our youthful appearance. As we age, our skin loses a lot of its moisture naturally, as a course of nature. Then you add the harshness of the soap we used forever and you can quickly see why our skin would become dry and begin to look old.