When we add them in  Cognidren here Jim cook would always say it’s common sense too common practice people understand it they just don’t do it and so you have to give him a reason yeah why yes and so as I try to go around the world and create brainmd it’s like I love my brain and I worked with BJ Fogg do you know BJ no it’s a really interesting guy he works at the Stanford persuasive tech lab and it’s about how people change yes and so we worked with him for six months and we created 50 tiny habits so tiny habits is this thing what is the smallest thing I can do today that will make the biggest difference in your life and so our number one tiny habit is before you do anything before you say anything before you eat anything just ask yourself is this good for my brain or bad for and if you can answer that question with love because doing the right thing is never about you should do it because if you think you should do it you won’t do it now.



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