Meticore between the couch and between me and the couch ivy move i need to sit somewhere fuck it whatever we ut down but i was still eating pretty decent or whatever and really all it takes is to eat right that’s really how i lost majority of the weight that i lost is just eating right and um really like little to no at home workouts walking my dog type stuff you know just like stuff just like light work for real for real um and that helped a lot i was doing oh omad omad omid whatever i’m eating one meal a day drinking a lot a lot of water that helped a lot that’s when i started doing that i did that for the whole month of june and when i did that that’s when major it just started falling off i’m like coco cool um well so i would recommend that i would recommend drinking a lot a lot a lot of water um at one point that was all that i was drinking like right now i really don’t drink soda i drink alcohol alcohol water juice but i try to these braids but i really just try