Keto Trim 800 is a Ketogenic Dietary solution to help obese people to lose enough to be slim in real life. The real hero is BHB(BetaHydroxybutyrate) a Keto salt that holds an important place in Ketosis because it helps in losing excessive pounds by switching Glucose to Ketone Bodies.Keto Trim 800 BHB is an active Ketone Body that shares 75% of every Keto Trim 800. So it clearly shares a great part of Ketosis because when our body enters into Ketosis state the metabolic level increases and within such condition, our body sincerely counts on alternative energy resources available in the form.The reason of choosing fat over carbs is really simple there are no carbs left to convert into Glucose which leaves our body with only stored body fat and initiates Ketosis to utilize stored body fat into an accessible energy resource for energy production.