Are you ready to jump feet first into an SEO strategy? Whether you’ve wanted to try it on your own or are ready to partner with a company for SEO in auckland it’s a good idea to know what exactly to look for. However, if you’re like most business owners, the idea of spending hours researching a topic that may or may not come to fruition is not something you want to do. That’s why we’ve created a summarized version of an SEO strategy that could work for you. Remember, when working with a digital marketer, you’ll usually get the best results without the expensive time.


On-Page SEO

Much of SEO is done on-site. You may not think there are a robust amount of opportunities, but you would be wrong. In fact, anywhere you can optimize your website can give you a leg up. For example, including your keyword throughout the content of your page, making your site mobile-friendly, and more responsive are just a few basics to implement.

You may also want to consider adding videos. Videos are huge and can give you a definite push on your rankings. Google shows favoritism not just on being mobile-friendly but also has videos too. Don’t count these out or even forget to add pictures. Most users want to see something visual.


Off-Site SEO

Off-site SEO tends to be a little more complicated. You will need to create links that circle back to your website. You can do this in a few ways, including blog postings on other websites, citations, and more. Only focusing on on-site or off-site can be a killer, though. You should remember to do both equally to get the best results. This is where having the help of a professional digital marketer will really come in handy.


Reporting and Analyzes

You should always stay aware of how your SEO strategy is benefiting your company. This could mean having a reduction in your bounce rate, how many new leads you’ve gained since implementing the strategy, and where you can make changes. You should also look to see if your keywords are making a difference in your overall outcome. If something isn’t working, it’s better to make changes early than spend more time and money on something that doesn’t.


Final Thoughts

You could do your own SEO. However, if you’re looking for a more effective way to get genuine results, you’re better off choosing a digital marketer that specializes in the practice. They will look at both on-site and off-site strategies to get you a better return on your marketing dollar.