We have looked at a lot of information Abundance With Money Review  here; so what do I recommend that we do to better prepare ourselves for that day when we might be impacted by one of those dreaded terms. Or for those of us, who are working that good job, why not do something different than adding to the number of hours we go out and work for someone else.

I say go back to that which you are passionate. Learn all that you can about that subject and turn that passion, that fire into something that can earn you residual income, and make you your own boss. Now once again, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having a job. But to that I have to add, if you just have a job, instead of doing what most police officers and lots of others do; getting a second or third job, expand your horizons. Find something that moves you, and then learn how, by becoming your own boss, if the need ever arises, or you just feeling it, you will be in a position to fire your boss, instead of the other way around.