Instant Keto get them onto something that they can kind of do forever not just for 10 minutes or a few months the glycemic index you guys kind of heard about this i’m sure you all know this there are some foods that really spike your insulin when you eat them white sugar white bread beer baked potatoes sugary drinks pasta rice stuff like that there are some things that really don’t spike your sugar not starchy vegetables broccoli asparagus spinach you know things like that blueberries anything like that there’s stuff kind of in between multi-grain breads pita rye etc wild rice so some people think if you eat really low glycemic index things and you don’t cause your insulin to spike then you won’t put on weight we’ll kind of get into this but the insulin model of obesity has been debunked they found that whether you eat high glycemic index foods or low glycemic index foods if you are in a calorie deficit then it doesn’t matter you