It is very important that silicone dolls are true and false. At present, the share of inferior fakes has exceeded the real share in the market. It is a worrying issue. Many players who don’t understand dolls can easily buy inferior dolls. The material of the silicone sex doll is platinum, relatively elastic, high hardness, white color, high surface smoothness and strong authenticity. The real sex dolls have a faint fragrance, some are not, almost close to the tasteless, fakes have a smell, glue, some serious can be disgusting.

When do you use sex dolls? The two main periods in which people use sex dolls are when they are alone during masturbation and when they are playing with lovers. You can use sex toys so you don’t have to rely on others, but rely on yourself. Sex dolls can also be used during the foreplay to help establish a natural wake-up process, and some sex toys can be used during penetrating behavior to increase the level of stimulation.

Real commodity dolls generally have the advantages of environmental protection, high efficiency and odorlessness, high hygiene level, high transparency after molding, anti-yellow, non-toxic and tasteless, long service life, physiological inertia, resistance to biological aging, etc., and inferior entity dolls There are no such features. The real goods are industry standards, fakes are all imitation, outsiders are not easy to find, you can refer to the price, we do not think which doll is cheap to buy where.

Many people are surprised to find that most sex dolls don’t look like girls in their 20s, and they are in very good health. One of the most appealing aspects of sex dolls is their realism. Buyers like the fact that they can add real features to their dolls. For most people, tpe sex doll are a one-time investment. To make sure you buy the right one, always check the look and body structure of the doll. The size of the real doll is very important, because this piece of art will satisfy your most profound fantasy. Be sure to check the look and compare different dolls before making the final choice.