Features of choosing VPN for Mac in China
When choosing a particular service, you need to understand exactly how you are going to use your MacBook, and based on this, search for the service. You can:

Surf the Internet, search for events, buy tickets;
Communicate in social networks and messengers;
Watch videos on Youtube or streaming;
Actively work and share large files;
Play online games.
In General, no one makes special VPNs for Macs in China, that is, there are no programs designed specifically for accessing music and only, but different providers have their own characteristics, and someone has a great video streaming speed, and another has a lot of specially optimized game servers. For surfing and searching, anything will do, as long as the service works in China. For minimal network access, free VPN for China on Mac may be suitable, but you need to be able to find a reliable one with a sufficient traffic limit.