One of the most practised areas of law in the state of California is the Law is Immigration. This is because of the fact that California is home to the highest number of immigrants from other countries who seek the help of the judiciary when they are at the verge of deportation or expiration of their visas. The state also has the highest number of immigration lawyers and shortlisting the best immigration lawyers in California is not an easy task. 

Major parts of Immigration law

There are two major parts of Immigration law, one relates to deportation, and another relates to visa issues. The los angeles deportation attorney are often well versed with both the parts of the law and can handle cases relating to both the issues. However, there are some lawyers who specifically handle issues related to visas.

These lawyers or Visa Attorneys represent such people in the court who have technical issues in their visas or living with an expired visa. A vawa attorney also represents people who want to appeal for a visa extension. Deportation is, however, a more serious issue and to help with deportation; one must always search for the best attorney in the field of immigration law practice.

The best immigration lawyers in California and the best visa attorneys are often enlisted in various websites, and one can look upon them online and contact them through phone before setting up a formal meeting and discussing the case matters. The process of hiring an immigration attorney is not an easy task but can be carried out in small and careful steps.