Of course, the Bible is also recommended Life Wisdom Matrix  in child training. Interestingly, the readings say to particularly focus on the stories of Jesus as a child and the way Jesus treated children during His ministry. The goal of spiritual training of the child is this: “Put [spiritual truths] in the hearts of thy children, that when they sit at meat [i.e., mealtime], or when they rise to play, those tenets of the living God will be in their thoughts by night and by day.” (Reading No. 2118-1)Although spiritual training should begin quite early, the readings identify the period from about ages 11 to 16 as particularly crucial ones in the formation of ideals, which are likely to be a guiding influence for the rest of the lifetime. Not only are ideals formed during these years, but two other important things take place: the endocrine gland changes of puberty and the tendency for doubts to arise in the young person’s mind.