The absence of sleek modern day marketing Sleep Faster Rem Vital  should not discourage you from exploring nature’s cures. Extracts from plants such as Avena sativa Passiflora incarnata and Scuttelaria laterifolia are all recommended for treatment of sleep related problems.For achieving sound sleep alternate medicine specialists recommend you try a combination of herb extracts and sleep inducing nutrients. Commonly prescribed nutrients include Schizandra chinesis Hypericum perforatuma Magnesium lactate Calcium lactate and Vitamin B6.

When these nutrients are taken in the right quantities and mixed with herb extracts they balance out your serotonin levels naturally and also induce a very deep satisfying sleep.The link between sleep deprivation and weight gain Medical experts recommend we get no less than six hours of sleep every night. Detailed studies conducted by various establishments have indicated a strong link between reduced sleep and increased food intake.