Calcium, magnesium and potassium are Up N Go Energy  probably the most commonly known minerals, but a great many combine to stimulate the synergistic effect I have been describing. The minerals iodine, selenium, copper and chromium all play synergistic roles ranging from copper’s role in maintaining integrity of connective tissue-to chromium’s role in carbohydrate metabolism. If you want to save time and avoid pursuing an advanced degree in nutrient sciences, a multi-mineral formula or pack can give you the mineral insurance you need.

Finally, Vitamins While minerals are instrumental in building the framework of the body, vitamins are vital in carrying out metabolic activities. For optimal energy production, muscle contraction, metabolism and health, you need a full array of the B-vitamins, micronutrients that assist in glycogen release, energy production, fat metabolism, formation of cells and genetic material, and protection in resisting many of the negative effects of both physical and emotional stress.