Let us first look at making a differenceCosmic Spirit Animal Revieweveryday. We do this whether we think we do or not. Just by being, we make a difference. I live in San Francisco, California. In the city, just by walking around with a smile on my face and greeting the people I walk past, I make a difference, a modest difference, but a difference just the same. Now if I take that walking around, smiling and greeting to the next step and actually talk to a few people who are willing to have a conversation. With this conversation I will make a greater difference. Now let me become deliberate and decide I want to talk to people, who seem willing, about a particular subject. Now I will make a deliberate difference in some people’s lives. That deliberate action may be positive or negative we will move people one way or another.

Some good examples that we know, your father is or was a world changer. He had an impact on you. You will take that experience and have an impact on others, one person at a time. Liken it to the butterfly effect. The flapping of the delicate wings has an impact on the movement of the air.

The best example is Jesus; He was very personal, He developed a deep personal relationship with a few people. His inter circle was James, John and Peter. Jesus was a one man at a time guy. He lived the fact that iron sharpens iron. He is deliberate in His relationship with us. He is the ultimate example.