When it comes to accumulating your MMA wardrobe, compression shorts are one of the essential items you won’t want to cheap out on. Intense workouts and combat practice require flexibility in the attire you wear. That is why it is important to invest in a good pair of comfortable, breathable, and overall reliable compression shorts for those tough times during practice. Let’s take a look at some amazing online stores where you can find some great deals on compression shorts.

What are compression shorts?

First, it might be helpful to clarify what compression shorts are. This will help you know exactly what you are looking for prior to browsing through the internet for your next pair.

Compression shorts are a tight-fitting short style that hug your skin tightly. Many MMA fighters prefer compression shorts as they allow for complete freedom and breathability while working out. Compression shorts are made to be incredibly lightweight from their combined fabric construction of 82% polyamide and 18% spandex.

If you want to feel free and flexible while in practice or at a competition, then choose compression shorts. They often come equipped with a groin pocket for cup protection, so no need to worry about those unanticipated low body shots.

Best places to buy compression shorts

Rather than wasting an evening searching through different online stores for your new MMA gear and compression shorts, check out the quick list below of the top 3 places we recommend you shop from online.


From compression shorts to full length compression bottoms, Venum.com have some incredibly cool designs to choose from. Not only that, but they are well known for their comfortability and flexible construction behind their compression short designs. They’re elastic waste band provides the ultimate comfortability while promising a secure fit.

Diamond MMA

The professionals at Diamondmma.com have developed the ultimate MMA shorts that offer the best protection while still allowing for flexible movements. With built in groin protection and a double layered fabric, these shorts allow you to move freely without requiring a second outer pair of shorts.

Drako Sports

If you are looking to find a few items for your MMA gear, then head to drakosports.com. They have a great variety of gloves, bags, and shorts to choose from. With incredibly versatile compression shorts available, it’s hard to pass up on grabbing yourself a pair. This Canadian based MMA and martial arts online store pride themselves on providing the fighting community the best quality in both products and services available.