Trump expected to rule on TikTok deal in 24-36 hours,
Oracle to take 20% stake
President Trump is expected to decide on TikTok’s fate in the U.S. in the next 24-36 hours, sources told CNBC’s David Faber. Walmart is …
3 hours ago
The Atlantic
An Experiment in Wisconsin Changed Voters’ Minds
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Donald Trump is also making a strong play for Wisconsin. Trump’s weaknesses with the electorate are familiar: Voters find him coarse, …
6 hours ago
Trump’s call for ‘higher numbers’ in stimulus fight
undercuts Republican strategy
Senate Majority Whip John Thune of South Dakota, reacting to Trump’s tweet urging the GOP to get behind more stimulus money, warned that …
16 hours ago
Pop quiz: Can you see through Trump’s invented reality?

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Hint: Each subject has a comment uttered within the past week by a top government official appointed by President Donald Trump. Read More.
13 hours ago
Timeline: Trump’s public comments on Covid-19 vs. what
he …
Washington (CNN) – President Donald Trump’s public messaging about the coronavirus has been amazingly consistent since January.
18 hours ago
Washington Post
Newly revealed USPS documents show an agency
struggling to manage Trump, Amazon and the pandemic
“I see President Trump’s fingerprints all over,” said Austin Evers, executive director of American Oversight. “It’s clear from the president’s public …
6 hours ago

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This Is What Trump’s Suburbia Really Looks Like
This Is What Trump’s Suburbia Really Looks Like. The very wealthy and very white communities around Milwaukee show little sign of the …
9 hours ago
The Complicated Importance Of Abortion To Trump
If President Trump wins Wisconsin again, he’ll have Republican stalwarts like Mary Ludwig to thank. “I always vote Republican because I’m so …
8 hours ago
Fox News
Why Trump’s wilder claims are complicating his campaign
President Trump answers questions from undecided voters during a town hall event with ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos on …
10 hours ago
Al Gore rips Trump’s Covid-19 response: ‘He’s trying to
gaslight the virus’
(CNN) Former Vice President Al Gore said Wednesday that President Donald Trump is “trying to gaslight” the coronavirus, in a scathing …