Velofel that people automatically attach the people that are attractive like oh will you just attractive you don’t have to do you want to go me and so it’s like I was the type of person I’m not gonna build a large Instagram following and I have a lot of here to urge its honored to be here and I have a lot of Instagram followers oil industry for a long time all I will post was videos of myself just being safety or pictures of myself we were seeing that booty all about 30 times which we know we crazy phone but yeah so I mean I feel like you know people saw people were really shocked when we started online now anything English like wow really has a personality but why was not just because I’m cute laughs you sisters we keep no one does but your personality is something that has developed because about the cycles you know about to Lauren Lauren is there any little or explain my met friend is funny too late I mean he’s amusing boys so they don’t count we’re talking about laying down a knife and ego funny well I was born funny Jordan is funny but like I said it’s it women are funnier than me and like to put on my niggas be like to the point