Through a U Visa, a criminal can get to work in the United States legally, which was created through assisting of the Law Enforcement. This was made for humanitarian purposes. The qualifying criminal gets this to live a better life. It is a form of the chance given to criminals to live a better life ahead.

With the help of your U visa attorney, you get to file your U Visa petition. They help you out to collect all 5the information required for the U Visa application. They help you to complete the application documentation work.

Who is qualified for a U Visa?

A victim with specific qualifying criminal work gets reside and work in the United States lawfully through a U visa. The eligibility for U Visa is:

Have the qualifying criminal activity in the United States of America.

Has helped Law enforcement.

Posses reliable and credible information that concerns criminal activity.

Suffers from mental abuse and substantial physical, which results in criminal activity.

The person should be a victim.

The victim doesn’t mean the direct victim of any crime. For instance – the direct victim gets murdered, his spouse or children below 21 years of age are considered a victim for the U visa.

How U visa benefit?

Through a U visa, one can get many benefits. Once it gets approved, you get authorized to employment, and USCIS sends the Employment authorization document as proof. The victim’s family’s derivative members also get the employment authorization but need to apply for the document with a fee.

The U visabenefits the victim, and through the assists of the U visa attorney, you can easily file it. The attorney assists you with all the processes.