The dazzlingly bright torch of a plasma cutter can be seen in most metal invention shops. Used to slice by huge metal sheets of any density, this procedure produces metal objects such as gates, signage, and modeling. But why would you select plasma cutting over other form cutting processes, and where can you obtain Plasma Cutters on Make Works? 

In this model of plasma cutting, we describe the method and what you can do with it. 

What is plasma cutting?

Plasma Cutting is a profile cutting method that any conductive metal can cut. This holds metals like steel, aluminum, brass, titanium, and copper – both heavy or thin. 

Plasma cutting can be made by hand, using a handheld plasma torch. There are distinct types of plasma torches relying on the density of metal you are expected to cut. These are at times known as plasma arcs, plasma guns, or plasma cutters. 

How does plasma cutting work?

Plasma cutting runs by giving a super-fast jet of hot plasma by conductive elements to cut by it. To make the plasma, an electric arc is passed by a gas such as nitrogen or oxygen. This forms the fourth state of matter, termed plasma. A small opening like a vent can then push the plasma, then cut by conductive metal. 

What kind of work is plasma cutting used for?

Plasma cutting is used for metal fabrication projects and is usually used in on-site building or salvage yards. The most common uses for designers and specialists are signage and art and used in beautiful panels for internal projects. In many fine steel products, plasma cut element is often mixed with metal finishing methods like powder layer for a stained finish. 

Do I require a plasma cutter with a built-in air compressor?

Some plasma cutters are made with built-in air compressors to provide the device with air while you cut. These devices are made for users who need a mobile machine that can cut in areas without an air compressor. That being said, these tools are usually underpowered and are a lot more costly. We suggest only pulling up one of these devices if you require that flow feature. 

What does pilot arc mean? Do I require it?

Almost all quality plasma cutters have what is termed Pilot Arc. This implies you can cut with the torch of the plasma cutter without stirring the tip of the torch to the element. Usually, when applying a Pilot Arc device, you will endure the end of the torch just almost off the metal, which allows for more regular cuts and develops the life of the consumables on your cutting torch. This trait also makes cutting increased steel a lot simpler and smoother.

What safety tools do I need to use a plasma cutter?

When operating with a plasma cutter, it is vital to know that this device can cause severe injury if misused. However, a plasma cutter is a reliable tool to use with required safety gear and safety laws.

Here is some of the safety gear we suggest

  • Plasma Helmet for eye and face security
  • Welding beanie to shield your hair from sparks
  • Welding jacket to guard your arms and torso
  • Welding gloves to defend your hands


I know that receiving a new device is impressive, and I aspired to make a model get people up and moving as fast as possible. I deem a quality plasma cutter is a vital device for anyone who is into metal fabrication. They save you a tonne of time and open up your choices when developing just about anything metal-related. I hope you relished this guide, and thank you for expressing it. I hope this model is helpful for all of you.