The procedure of cannabis evaluations is relatively easy. A patient has to visit a doctor who will evaluate their health condition. If the doctor thinks that the patient needs medical marijuana, they can provide them with a written recommendation. After which, any licensed dispensaries or marijuana stores are open for sales and purchase of medical marijuana.

A patient should receive a recommendation from the doctor to be able to purchase medical marijuana. This is for the reason that some dispensaries will not sell or provide any cannabis-related substance without having first received a written prescription from an authorized physician.

Although this does not mean that all people who do not have a written recommendation from their doctor will not buy medical marijuana. People who are suffering from the following conditions may purchase cannabis evaluations without having a recommendation:

  1. To get a recommendation from your doctor, you must first visit them.

The physician must be licensed, but there is no recommended qualification to become one. You should visit a specialist or an authority on the subject matter of your condition as they are more knowledgeable and will provide you with better information that can help you in deciding whether to uses cannabis evaluations.

  1. Your doctor must evaluate your health condition and give you a recommendation if your situation is treatable with medical marijuana.
  2. Remember that the doctor might not recommend medical marijuana for patients suffering from certain medical conditions such as cancer, HIV infection or AIDS, glaucoma, positive drug test results in the past year, breastfeeding mothers, etc.
  3. The doctor must write a recommendation for the patient, presenting it to the dispensary.
  4. If you have no recommendation, you can still buy medical marijuana, but your purchase may be limited, and you might not benefit from specific discounts or offers as most dispensaries provide them only if you present a written prescription from your doctor.

 The doctor’s role does not end after writing the recommendation. They must also monitor the use of medical marijuana and assess if it is effective or not in treating the patient’s condition.

  1. The doctor has to give regular follow-up consultations to patients using medical marijuana as they may need adjustments in dosage or more informed instructions about their treatment plan, especially when the cannabis has demonstrated little or no effectiveness in treating the condition.

 How to fill out the medical marijuana recommendation?

For a recommendation to be effective, it must be written correctly. Your doctor can give you an example of how they write them, but here is a sample:

 – Patient’s name and date of birth

– Doctor’s full name, contact number, and address (this is important so that you know who wrote the recommendation)

– Doctor’s signature (must be a handwritten signature to serve as proof of authenticity)

You are also required to fill out certain personal information, including your name and date of birth. Also, you have to provide your medical condition, which the doctor has already evaluated so that they will know whether you can benefit from cannabis evaluations or not.

Be mindful that the recommendation must be written by your doctor personally. Do not ever try to fake it because you might end up with felony charges for falsifying prescriptions and documents, which has a penalty of 2 years in jail and $10,000 fines. In addition, this may also lead to suspension of medical license and more serious criminal charges.

How to tell your doctor that you want a medical marijuana card?

Some patients feel embarrassed or uncomfortable telling their doctor about their use of cannabis. The reason is that they think it may cause them to be stigmatized for using illegal drugs, especially when the government has been waging a high-profile war against cannabis.

 However, the situation has dramatically changed in the United States, with more than 20 states now allowing medical marijuana use and four states legalizing its use. This signifies that medical professionals are slowly changing their attitudes toward medical marijuana, so you should no longer feel afraid to tell your doctor that you use cannabis evaluations or want a recommendation from them.

If possible, you can also show them research studies and news articles about the efficacy of cannabis in treating your condition. Medical professionals are always open to learning more, especially if they were not aware of recent breakthroughs on specific medical conditions. They might be skeptical at first, but once they have educated themselves with recent studies on marijuana, you can expect them to be more open toward your medical needs.

Some doctors might not feel comfortable with the idea of giving you a cannabis recommendation. You can try to ask other health care professionals in the same practice if they are willing to provide you with an official request for medicinal marijuana use. In addition, it would be best to find a doctor who is already familiar with medical cannabis and will not feel threatened by the idea of recommending it to patients.

Some compassionate doctors have formed Cannabis Clinics, where they advise patients on how to use medical marijuana in treating their condition. ( The doctor may refer you to a cannabis clinic to obtain an online medical marijuana recommendation.

In California, Americans for Safe Access (ASA) has launched a program called Provider Directed Care or PCP- which provides support and helpful resources to doctors interested in recommending cannabis to their patients for medical use. ( Thus, you can try checking with ASA if any PCPs in your area are familiar with medical marijuana or willing to provide online cannabis recommendations.


Medical marijuana use is becoming more popular among patients, especially for those who suffer from chronic and debilitating conditions that do not respond well to conventional treatments. There are several methods of obtaining a cannabis evaluations recommendation for medical use in California and other states. However, the most convenient way is to find a doctor who will be giving you an online request for medical cannabis through a security-enhanced website like Green Evaluations (, which offers secure instant evaluations and recommendations.