First, you should be able to differentiate types of sensor flow meters in different industries. We have many kinds of Flow sensors in industries. You should be able to know about the orifice-plate flow sensor. This is a special type of flow sensor that is widely used in the different pressure flow sensors hence others being nozzle, venturi, and the flow tube. The next thing you are supposed to know here is that the venturi tube produces differential pressure through a section of the given pipe, which is always a tapered and diverging outlet.

You should know more about the types of flow meters in industries.

As you know that in the industry, setting the flow of any liquid passing through the pipes should be highly observed. This is done to reduce the loss and the safety of the workers or the general machines. For this reason, the highly Flow sensor meters are normally used to detect at the very first rate any problem that might have occurred. You should also understand that flow meters have different varieties of applications. For example, they measure the rate of the volumetric flow. This will always depend on the capacity of the liquid.

We have different types of flow meters that you are supposed to know.

We have the differential pressure flow meter.

This type of flow sensor relies typically on Bernoulli’s equation. This will always help to study the flow of the liquid in a given pipe in the industries. You should also know that the differential pressure typically provides constriction within the pipe, and this will automatically lead to a drop of the pressure across the flow meter. In addition, you need to know that as the flow increase, the pressure drop also should increase. You are supposed to know how the differential pressure is measured in the fluid flow. This is always arrived at by the impulse piping downstream and upstream. The most important thing you are supposed to understand is that the differential flow meter normally for up to around 21% when compared to the world’s market for flow meters.

The next important thing you are supposed to know is the positive displacement flow meter.

The principal or common name for this Flow sensor is the mechanical flow meter. As the name suggests, you should have been able to know that this type of flow sensor normally measures the volume of the fluid. Here the actual amount of the fluid flow is normally calculated. It is vital for you to know that the positive displacement flow meter normally measures the actual flow of the fluid. We have some of the examples of the positive displacement that you are supposed to know, and areas follow the oval gear meter, piston meter, rotary vane meter, and many others.

You should also know the velocity flow meter.

You are supposed to know that this kind of flow sensor usually measures the velocity of the streams that generally arrive at the volumetric flow rate. You should also know that this type of Flow sensor meter usually pursues a linear relationship to linear flow rates. The vital thing you should know about this flow sensor is that they are less sensitive to alteration in the viscosity provided than all other sensors.

We have the mass flow meter.

This is the unique Flow sensor whose commonly known name is the inertial flow meter. This special meter usually measures the mass flow of the fluid that usually travels through a given tube. Their calculation usually is the mass of fluid traveling past a static point per time.


We have many industrial Flow sensors, but to explain the main one. The important thing you are supposed to consider is the type of measurement you want to measure in your industry.