Anxiety reinforces tinnitus. Many Hearing Loss Protocol  persons develop an anxiety reinforcement cycle with their tinnitus: the more the tinnitus the more their anxiety: the more the anxiety, the worse the tinnitus symptoms.You can have anxiety which makes any condition worse: the more it itches the more nervous you get, the more you scratch, the more it itches, the more anxiety you get.If your muscles are relaxed you can’t have anxiety. If you look in the mirror and see your muscles of the face, jaw and shoulder relaxed, you can’t have anxiety. When you lay in the sun at the beach fully relaxed, no anxiety.Use the time machine for tinnitus Since you didn’t have the tinnitus when you were in high school, when you got your driver’s license, or when you had your first real kiss, how about a time machine to go back to that time? Your chemistry then was tinnitus free: maybe you can get back that chemistry.