Content creation is the heart of digital marketing. It is a field everyone who wants to become a digital marketing manager must learn and understand. In understanding the art of content creation, there are several elements of writing you must learn. The most important of these elements is a thesis statement.

Without a thesis statement, all sorts of writing would be close to impossible. It is a requirement of every digital marketing company that an employee must comprehend and compose a good thesis statement. From small writing companies to those offering thesis writing service, you must be capable of writing a thesis statement.

You must be asking yourself the following questions, what is a thesis statement? Why is it so important? How is it written? These questions will be given to you shortly.

What is a thesis statement?


It is the backbone of your writing process. It is a sentence that explains to your audiences what you will be writing about. It gives you an overview of what is contained in your writing.

To a writer or an author, it acts as a guide. It ensures that you stick to your lane. It prevents inclusion of irrelevant content in your essays, books, journals or assignments.  

A thesis statement can be a question or a normal sentence. When it’s a question, you must provide answers to back it up. When it’s a normal statement, provide enough evidence to prove your point of view.

In simple terms, a thesis statement summarizes your writing.  It shows your point of view as a writer. Your task is to support the statement with facts and evidence.

Where does a thesis statement go?


Thesis statements are written in the introductory paragraph. Some are written as the first sentences of the introduction. Others, on the other hand, come at the end of your introduction.

When composing long pieces of writing, you may consider writing your thesis statement at the end of the writing process. This helps to write an all-round statement that describes and represents everything in your paper.

You might be wondering how long is a thesis statement. With all the importance surrounding it, you might think it’s a whole paragraph. No, a good thesis statement can be one or two sentences. It is defined as a single or two sentences that summarizes your piece of writing.

Long thesis statements can mislead a writer. It should be specific to what you want to share with your audience. When you make it long or broad, you will confuse your audience.   

Importance of a thesis statement


When writing a thesis statement, ensure it meets the following standards:

  1. It summarizes all your thoughts or ideas into a single or utmost two sentences
  2. It acts as a guide to your audience to help them get or understand your argument
  3. It helps an author organize and compose a piece of writing according to their perspective
  4. It adds value to your writing – when a thesis statement is appealing to the audience, they will want to read your whole book or essay
  5. It feeds the body paragraphs and conclusion in your essay – facts and evidence supporting your thesis statement form the body and conclusion for your writing
  6. It is clear and concise – ensure your thesis statement is easy to identify and understand

Writing a good thesis statement


This is the most complicated part in thesis writing process. To perfect the process of writing a thesis, follow these steps:

  1. Rewrite your idea as a question and provide it with answers

Begin your paragraph with a question and develop your thesis to answer it. This hooks your readers to your paper.

  1. Provide an argument and counter argument

Including a question and providing it with answers may sound weak. Developing a thesis statement with a proposing and opposing arguments gives you a reason to defend it. It makes it easy to support it with defendable facts.

  1. Highlight your points or ideas

Highlighting your ideas makes it easy to defend your thesis statement. It helps to organize your points in the order you want to discuss them.

How to write the best thesis statement


The following tips will help you write the best thesis statement:

  • Brainstorm ideas – think of what you want to write about to get the right evidence for your thesis
  • Write a specific thesis statement – a vague statement will be hard to discuss and explain
  • Keep your thesis clear and concise – it is easy to understand and explain a clear thesis statement
  • Make your thesis the center of your writing – this helps write your essay around this thesis statement



A thesis statement is the backbone of the content writing process. When writing a thesis statement, ensure it is concise, simple and easy to understand. Make sure it describes what you are writing about. Follow the given tips to write good thesis statements.