These days, security is vital to any homeowner or business owner. Unfortunately, everyone either has or knows someone that has had their property broken into. Over the last few years, the crime rate has only increased, as a result, beta fencing has become increasingly popular to several residents in Cape Town. Whether you require a medium level security fence, a top-rated security fence with high visibility or a high-level security fence, there are several beta fencing options in Cape Town to choose from. These include Nylofor® Medium, Betaview® and Securifor® 358. (Information source:

Nylofor Medium beta fencing is the perfect fencing system to have around the perimeter of your home. This type of beta fencing offers medium level security and works hand in hand with any home security alarm system. Fences don’t always deter thieves from attempting a break in. However, a beta fence with a security alarm system will deter all thieves and prevent them from attempting to break into your home. Nylofor Medium beta fencing looks like a normal wire fence until you notice the vertical ‘H’ shape forming the edge of the fence. Thereby, making it difficult for thieves to climb over. The beta fence is also held up and secured by two panels on either side with stainless steel bolts.

Betaview® beta fencing offers high-level security; it is also the perfect fence to install around the perimeter of your home as a precautionary safety measure. Betaview®, as it suggests in the name, is a beta fence that offers an uninterrupted view. From a distance, since the spacing between each bar on the fence is so small, the Betaview® beta fencing looks like a solid fence. This fencing option also features horizontal rows that protrude on either side. Thereby, making it extremely difficult for anyone to jump the fence or attempt to break in.

Securifor® 358 beta fencing is the best fencing system you can have installed around the perimeter of your business. This form of beta fencing offers the highest level of security, as well as great visibility. This robust and sturdy beta fence is the strongest fence when compared to Nylofor Medium and Betaview® beta fencing. Securifor® 358 wires are horizontal, and each panel of this beta fence is secured with stainless steel panels and stainless steel bolts for extra sturdiness. This fence prevents people from climbing over, due to the very fine space between each wire.

All the wires of beta fencing are made of stainless steel, coated in zinc and, lastly, coated in  a sturdy and hard plastic coat. This prevents potential intruders from cutting the wires of the beta fences.

If you need a fence for your home or business, you should consider purchasing one of the beta fences mentioned above. As you may have noticed, beta fencing offers secure fencing options, meaning you can rest assured knowing your family, or business, is safe from intrusion. If you are looking for a reliable, durable security solution, beta fencing should be your number one choice.